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We’re delighted to be working with Surefoot boot fitters in Verbier – not only are they a team of thoroughly nice and helpful people, but they’re based in an excellent shop that’s slap bang next to the Medran ski lift.

After investing more than 32 years in research and development, Surefoot can proudly and confidently say that we sell the world’s most comfortable ski boots. Skiers – from the bunny hill frequenters all the way up to magazine gear editors and world-class racers – have confirmed this with their overwhelmingly positive reviews of the unmatched comfort and performance of Surefoot’s Custom Ski Boots. 

The Surefoot Boot is available in nineteen different models with a variety of colors; it combines an ability-specific shell, a custom liner, and a custom insoles to deliver the ultimate ski boot comfort and fit.  

The exterior of the boot – the ability-specific shell – is selected to best match each skier’s level and intensity. Fit criteria such as shell stiffness, canting, and gender-specific issues are also factors in the selection of the shell. Inside the boot, the skier’s foot and lower leg are enveloped in a state-of-the-art, custom-filled liner. The protective yet flexible liner ensures an optimal fit every single time you buckle your ski boots. Finally, we come to the foundation of our flawless-fit ski boots: the Surefoot Insoles. These elements combine in one perfect ski boot to create a level of fit, comfort, and performance that is yet unmatched by any other ski boot.

In addition to our best-selling boot, Surefoot also offers hand-selected ski boots from Nordica, Tecnica, Lange, Salomon, Dynafit and many other top brands; all can be made custom for you with Surefoot’s Insoles and Custom Liner. To learn about our process to fit you in the world’s most comfortable ski boots, please click here


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