Baptiste Sabatier

QUALIFICATIONS: Business sports degree

A bit about Baptiste:

Baptiste grew up in Nice, on the French Riviera. Even though it is not well known for its mountains, there is a couple of good resorts about an hour away from the shores. He developed a passion for skiing in these small mountains at a very young age.

Later on, during his business school studies, Baptiste took a semester off in order to come ski and save money in Verbier. It was supposed to be just a break to prepare his exchange semester, but he he hasn’t left Verbier and here we are 4 years later…

Working in the office he has an excuse for calling himself the worst skier in Performance…..I think he is downplaying a bit and you will see him skiing past you in the trees on a powder day!

Besides winter, he enjoy the changing of the seasons, traveling and exploring the world looking for all nature’s wonder.