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Carl Josefsson

AGE: 42

A bit about Carl:

Carl is addicted to the mountains with a massive passion for people and progress, his colleagues in Sweden quickly gave him the nick name Carl “on a mountain somewhere” Josefsson, and of course to no one’s surprise he found his wife Ulrika on a snowy mountain top in Hakuba Japan.

After having worked too much for too long he decided that skiing, one of his biggest passions in life should play a much bigger role. Now he lives by the motto that one should ski at least the equal number of days as one’s age in years per season, something he has accomplished during the past three seasons (he is still young), combining ski instructing with off piste runs and ski touring above the artic circle, he does what it takes to get on the planks as much as he can. 

When not on skis is Carl a highly respected business coach and expert in venture creation, he has taken part in setting up, coaching and helping with investments for several high tech ventures and startups. Besides helping businesses he is also a popular inspirational talker and gives lectures in entrepreneurship.