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Robin Bryce

AGE: 42
QUALIFICATIONS: BASI Level 3, BASI Level 4 Teaching and Eurotest

A bit about Robin:

Robin has been a skier since his parents wired a pair of wooden skis to his
feet at 6 and pushed him down a hill on a golf course at Dornoch. Thankfully that
experience worked out much better than it could have and led to a lifetime love
of all things skiing.

Robin confesses to being something of a geek, He spent 15 years writing
computer games before escaping that life and switching to freelancing
so he could spend his winters doing anything that didn’t involve
sitting behind a desk.

Since 2010 Robin has been doing Winters in resorts around the alps, including
two in the 4 valleys based out of Nendaz and many in Tignes.

Robin still does the computer thing in the summer along with a bunch of fitness
stuff and the ocassional bit of indoor slalom (The Swedes still try to figure out why one would do such a thing).