Two hour lessons

A short, intense lesson – perfect if you just want some tips and pointers that you can take away and practice yourself. With two hours together, you can work with your instructor on key aspects you feel you want to improve, as well as get feedback on movements or issues that might be causing you problems.

Once you’ve got a some clear pointers you can take them away, work on them and then catch up with your instructor again to discuss what worked best and how it felt.

Please check our ‘level checker’ to see what experience you have so we can help you achieve your goals.

Please Note:
We get very high demand for All Day and Three Hour lessons during the high season, so our two hour lessons are normally only available during low season.

For more details just get in touch.

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  • Prices:

    Off peak: 270CHF
    Peak weeks: (Not normally available)

  • Peak season dates:

    Christmas and New Year: 17th December 2023 - 7th January 2024 / Half Term: 11th February 2023 - 3rd March 2024