We only teach private lessons at Performance – that way the tuition you get is perfectly tailored to the way you learn. Which lesson is right for you can depend on a lot of factors – if you want learn to ski for the very first time, or if you’re looking for a really technical session. The more information we have about your skiing ability and your learning requirements the easier we are able to build the correct lesson for you. This way we are able to correctly determine teaching and learning objectives so that you can fulfil your goals. 

Look below to see what level you think you might be and where you would like to end up:

First time – 

You have never skied before, or have tried it once.

Beginner – 

You have spent a couple of hour on the beginner slope or a snow dome, you can stop in a snow plough and maybe turn a bit.

Low Intermediate – 

You have skied for a week or so and have managed to ski a blue run in control. You are still snow ploughing but turning is helping to control the speed.

Intermediate – 

You are venturing onto steeper terrain. You have skied for a couple of weeks now. You are starting to match the skis at the end of the turn. The snowplough is less useful now.


High Intermediate – 

You are confident on steeper terrain. You ski parallel turning of now your means of controlling your speed. Ans you are starting to feel grip and forces thought the ski. You are also exploring more variable terrain potentially off the sides of the piste.

Advanced – 

You understand the side cut of the ski, and can carve a large portion of the turn when needed. You understand that speed and balance help you control the pressures through the ski. You can influence the ski more and create shorter gripper turns. You are exploring bumps and off piste.

Expert – 

You are now looking to steeper terrain and off piste for more technical challenges. You are educated on safety equipment and understand the weather, avalanche bulletins and other safety measure to ensure that you have a safe day on the mountain. You are bringing your own personality into your skiing and challenging yourself on all terrain.


  • All day lessons

    Ideal if you want to spend the day really concentrating on learning new techniques and covering some distance to practice your new found skills.

    Off peak: 570CHF

    Peak weeks: 610CHF

  • Three hour lessons

    Great if you would like a comprehensive half-day of tuition, we can cover all the points you want to work on, give you personal feedback and still have plenty of time to discover Verbier’s great range of terrain.

    Off peak: 320CHF

    Peak weeks: 360CHF

  • Two hour lessons

    If you just fancy some tips and skills that you can practice, then perhaps shorter two hour lessons would be perfect for you. Two hours is just enough time to identify areas for improvement and focus on some technical changes.

    Off peak: 270CHF

    Peak weeks: (Not normally available)

  • Peak season dates

    Christmas and New Year: 17th December 2023 - 7th January 2024 / Half Term: 11th February 2023 - 3rd March 2024

  • Generally, we like to start between 9am and 10am, or 1pm and 2pm, but we’re always keen to be as flexible as possible, so we are happy to work around you.


We’re happy to meet you wherever you want to start your lesson – whether that’s at your chalet, up the mountain or by the lifts. But if you haven’t got anywhere specific you want to meet, we normally like to meet clients outside the Offshore café (or inside if it’s cold…) It’s right by the main Médran Lifts and bus stop, so a great spot to start your day – plus they serve great coffee.