A day off…


Isn’t it funny how you can plan a big day on the hill and then when you get a day off instead of going on a massive trip you simply end up taking it easy?

Well Toby and I had a day off so planned a day skiing with some friends. We even started using all the usual names of ski areas to persuade ourselves we were serious – Col des Mouche, Catwalk, Stairway, Barry’s Bowl, etc.

But the light got a bit dodgy so we decided on “a quick break” to see if it improved and nipped into the new bar ¬†at Col des Gentianes with some of the Swiss guys.

In the end it wasn’t very quick at all and we ended up having a rather long chat with the slightly crazy French barman (using our very best French much to his amusement) kidding our selves we were just waiting for the girls to join us and that we weren’t just wussing out…