The great news is that TeleVerbier has announced the opening dates for the lifts and the plan is to open the Lac des Vaux runs and possibly Attelas to Ruinettes at the weekends from the 9th of November. Which is a week on Saturday. I know, good isn’t it?

Open until May. Even better, eh?

In addition the claim is that from the 30th November it’ll be open during the week as well. Significantly they are hoping to open until May 4th this season – a week later than usual.


Mont Fort, Savoleyres and Bruson

Mont Fort is theoretically opening from the 30th November too, with Savoleyres scheduled for the 14th December and the shiny new Bruson lift will open up Bruson from 21st December through to the 21st April – stop me if I’m wrong that’s a week or two later than normal isn’t it? Finally the beginners lift in town is scheduled to open on the 14th.


Assuming the weather plays ball.

Now don’t forget that the big factor here is the weather – and Verbier normally opens up the first week of November a the weekends. So the real race is to see if it opens that first weekend, and then how long before week long opening and the pistes from Attelas to Ruinettes opening. If the weather’s good it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Now for some shameless plugging.

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Even with the miserable weather we have been experiencing over the past month they are continuing with the Bruson lift installation. Certainly no arguing whether it is going to happen now!



So, news just in is that Bruson goes ahead and work starts this week. Honestly.

The lift is going to get you from Verbier (Medran), down to Chable and up to the midstation at Bruson in less that 20 minutes – which is usually the time it takes to leave Medran and get on the bus if you’re heading to Bruson via Le Chable at the moment…

There’s a link to a little video (in French) by Canal 9 below – watch it even if you don’t speak french, the pictures are nice.

But it give us a little idea of what’s coming and what it’ll look like. According to the report building work starts today, and completion is for December 2013. And this time they mean it.

If you’ve never skied Bruson then frankly you haven’t lived, you can check out this post from a massive powder day last year…

We’ll get up there soon and have a look to see exactly what the work entails but any movement on this one is good movement…

(And if you want to see what the new lifts will look like, either click here or you can pop up to Medran where there’s a cabin on the roof. Yes. On the roof).

Official confirmation that the lift is coming

As predicted it snowed at about midstation last night, so the Savoleyres ridge and from just above Ruinette we’ve got a blanket of snow. Now, we all know it’ll mostly be gone by lunchtime but it’s a great time of the year when the first snow falls comes, and they gradually get lower and lower until it snows right down to resort.

But the temperature is set to dip over the next few days and it’ll be below freezing in Verbier when we all get up tomorrow for the first time since last winter. And who knows? Maybe just a little of that snow will stay if it’s tucked behind ridges and hidden from the sun…

Meanwhile, here’s what the webcams revealed this morning.

Yes you can. In a mighty Subaru if you happen to drive one. So Sophie and I had a little explore before tea yesterday, and we can’t help wonder that – if they ever finish the new lift from Verbier and Le Chable to Bruson, if we’ll be doing an awful lot more of exploring over here. It would certainly be very cool if they opened it in the summer.

Anyway, it looked like this it looked like this…