So there I was lying in bed on a Sunday morning and the wife says “Lets go ski touring” and I am like “yer, whatever , it’s the 26th May, the season’s over”. But as you know once your married you are not an individual any more, your a ‘team’. So in other words, do what your told..!

Anyway, it turned out to be a fun little trip up to Ruinette from Carrefour. And the snow was rather good..!


This needs no explaining – someone simply plonked a little piece of genius on Vimeo and this is the result. If you weren’t ready for sinter before you watched it, you will be in a couple of cheese-filled minutes… And for more of this click here.

Meanwhile we have snow in Verbier today (although if you click on that link you might get more or less snow, depending on what day it is when you read this. But check anyway).

It was very chilly this morning in Le Chable. very chilly indeed. And it occured to us that the winter is not only closing in on us, it’s actually only a few weeks away – in fact if we open Verbier on the first weekend of November like we normally do, then it’s only six weeks away…

Well, with that date firmly in our sites we thought quite a lot about skiing. And started nosing around the internet for pretty much anything skiingish. And we found this gem.

So if you fancy a bit of technical analysis from the top man at the Canadian Ski Alliance, then this is going to be right up your Stra├če. It’s not the most complete analysis of skiing and he certainly likes to be very nice and polite about the different systems, but fun to watch.

We promised we’d have some biking madness for you this weekend and you will not be dissapointed. It’s still going but very cool and the bike display deserves it’s own post. So enjoy…