We have brought you a few blogs from the hallowed ground of the ice-rink before, and that’s because we think the ice karting is amazing. Admittedly sometimes it all gets terribly competitive and occasionally there is a bit of espionage with karts mysteriously losing power (Kev, we can keep that between us) but it’s a great way to spend a few hours and pretend you’re good at driving…

This time an elite team took on all-comers – Ben, Tony and Laura represented Performance with Laura getting behind the wheel of the newly designed Performance kart – sporting new livery after the Kermit green paint job started looking dated. So now we have one that has flames down the side. Whether it goes any faster as a result is a moot point, but it looks pretty.

So if you fancy something a bit different when you’re in Verbier then get in touch with Karting Extreme Verbier and ask Kev about getting the kart with the flames up the side (and perhaps have a quiet chat about fixing the race – everything’s negotiable).

This needs no explaining – someone simply plonked a little piece of genius on Vimeo and this is the result. If you weren’t ready for sinter before you watched it, you will be in a couple of cheese-filled minutes… And for more of this click here.

Meanwhile we have snow in Verbier today (although if you click on that link you might get more or less snow, depending on what day it is when you read this. But check anyway).

So the La Chaux Express is running – minus the chairs sadly – and I decided it was fine time I went up ┬áto sit around drinking coffee in the sunshine. At Dahu to be precise.

And as usual it was completely stunning up there, and after a chat with Danielle (the lovely lift who normally works on the magic carpet at Les Essertes) it seems that they’re putting the chairs back on the lift next weekend-ish. I only mention that because going up on chair lifts without skis is most disconcerting and therefore more fun. In my book at least.

Anyway, the guys at Dahu also said there’s the inauguration of the restaurant next Saturday from midday. I have absolutely no idea what it will involve, but I have a sneaking suspicion there will be drinks. So I’ll be there on the dot.


Yes, after a couple of season’s of being mocked, humiliated and generally suffering some heavy gloating, Performance cruised into an unassailable two nil lead last night in the annual Performance v Powder Extreme Bowling Challenge.

We were, though I do say so myself, sublime.

Many commented that the Swedish Bowling Machine, Jimmy, wasn’t actually a member of the team. Well, he is in spirit he just doesn’t work for us. So we discounted his (massive) scores and still won by a country mile.

Well done Performance. You were epic.

Last summer Toby found a brilliant new toy on the internet. A remote control helicopter. Well “quadrocopter”. And you control it from your iPhone. Which is a pretty cool way to fly anything really.

So naturally we saw this as a valuable addition to the ski school and got one. Sadly as it’s been a busy winter Toby hasn’t had the time to practice flying it much, so after he and Caroline organised an epic barbecue Tobes decided to show off his skills. They were slightly lacking.