Yes. It’s happened.

Yesterday afternoon and last night the wet miserable weather got just a fraction colder and it started snowing. “Like crazy”, according to Kling – who know’s a thing or two about these things.

So as the clouds have slowly parted this morning we’ve snapped some of the views and it is, as we often tell you, epic up there.

Now, we know that it might all melt and leave sad little faces all over Verbier. But the point isn’t that it will stay. The point is it’s started.

And that, people, is most epic news indeed.


Yes, since Toby blogged the videos of Verbier getting another dump TeleVerbier have been promising to open the lifts if over a thousand of us liked their Facebook post. Naturally about ten million people instantly liked, shared, Tweeted, and Social-Mediad the thing but despite promising to open if the weather was good / safe, the weather is rubbish for the weekend so no June skiing jankers for us.

By way of compensation we have had marching bands in town – well, if you’re on a Bank Holiday what else do you do?

Meanwhile there was a little reference to opening in the summer at Mont Fort if TeleNendaz were up for it. We’ll keep you posted…




It’s been a little while since Verbier felt springlike and just about as long since we had a blue sky powder day. But the two turned up together yesterday and its definitely something we could get used to…






It started dumping in Verbier in the wee small hours and it’s looking promising up there. How much? Well we’ll let you know later…




The snow fell yesterday and the night before like it was going out of fashion, and this morning the clouds had gone leaving behind views and snow that can only be described as “above average”.

So with resort pretty quiet (despite the influx of weekend warriors) it’s a stunning day on the hill and there’s forty odd centimeters of fresh up there.

The forecast looks like there might be more coming but we’re quite happy to have a few days of cold, clear, sunny days again. After all, that’s what January is all about.


This is not a blog post that needs much in the top half. So suffice to say it’s snowed loads, it’s snowing again today. Loads. And tomorrow. Loads. And last weekend you could ski Col de Mouche because the Chassoure bubble was open. OK the actual Chassoure-Tortin itinerary isn’t officially open yet, but does Verbier get better than a powder day with nobody around and Col de Mouche to yourself?

Probably, but right now I can’t think of anything.



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