Today was a very good day. It was cold, it was sunny and it was epic. A word we will return to more than once this season I think…

So we won’t bore you with details, but suffice to say it started with temperatures of about minus 8 in town and although high cloud came over later, it was a cracking day to be up the mountain.

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Yes, it’s snowed – but sadly when our crack team of photographers got going it was decidedly cloudy. The sort of cloudy that makes you want to make an excuse, say flat light makes you feel dizzy and then go to the pub.

However, if you’re interested in how much snow we had in the last storm (and we know you are) we think about 20cm, although there’s been quite a bit of wind up there and it’s been blowing around a bit. So there are some pretty impressive wind lips around the place.

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More snow in Verbier | Did we mention it was a wee bit flat?

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More snow in Verbier | Snowy Verbier

More snow in Verbier | Sundown and time for the Pub...

Yes. It’s happened.

Yesterday afternoon and last night the wet miserable weather got just a fraction colder and it started snowing. “Like crazy”, according to Kling – who know’s a thing or two about these things.

So as the clouds have slowly parted this morning we’ve snapped some of the views and it is, as we often tell you, epic up there.

Now, we know that it might all melt and leave sad little faces all over Verbier. But the point isn’t that it will stay. The point is it’s started.

And that, people, is most epic news indeed.


It’s half term but you know what? It’s not really that busy. Ok. It’s not quiet either but apart from a little weekend chaos yesterday we haven’t even been queuing that much.

Which all means we can nip up Tortin without contending with monster lift lines. Epic, as you might say.


It started dumping in Verbier in the wee small hours and it’s looking promising up there. How much? Well we’ll let you know later…