Death by mini-burger. And Mini. The Performance night out…


DSC01496Well, it’s the end of the season and we decided to have a night out – unfortunately Nicol’s over in Zermatt getting punished by Swiss Snowsports trainers, but we managed to get everyone else together before they disappeared off for the summer.

On the way we tried to consume our body-weights in the Pub’s mini-burgers, got some very colourful but mostly disgusting shots from Marc and found that Westy and Bruce use the same tailor.

We also discovered that the cocktails in Coup d’├ętat are quite pokey. And that you’re not actually allowed to leave the Pub early if Toby’s standing next to the bar.

Finally, we confirmed that it’s always the old men who stay out latest, with Toby, Kent, Westy and myself propping up the bar and mocking Colin’s bump in his brand new Subaru into the wee small hours.

And it looked like this…