Er, where did all the snow go?


I’m not a reactionary person. I like a bit of over-the-top enthusiasm when it comes to snow falls, but hopefully nothing too knee-jerk.

For example loads of people have been saying that the recent falls were here to stay and that the season was going to be another massive one. At the Ski Show they were forecasting a terrible winter. But all based on what?

Naturally we all get over-excited from time to time, but we do tend to forget that the winter doesn’t just rock up on the first of November then get switched off in April. It can snow in August. It often does. It can be 20 degrees Celsius in February. And sometimes it snows a load, we all get a bit giddy, then it goes away and we all feel mortified.

Doesn’t mean it’ll be a rubbish season. Doesn’t mean it’ll be an amazing one. It’s just not very cold in town right now and the snow’s gone.

But at some point between now and April it’ll dump with snow.

Loads of it.

So what if it rained VERY high last night? All the snow in town’s gone and the Savoleyres ridge is losing it’s snow quicker than some of us are losing our hair. But that’s just today. It could all change. It could snow. It could get worse and rain loads again. But we’ll definitely get more snow this year, and when it comes we’ll forget about rain at Atalas and warm fronts and foehn winds and El Nino and everything else.

So chin up. And cross your fingers…