Freezing but amazing…


A very chilly day on the hill but great conditions and the cannons have been on non-stop which means Christmas will be comfortably skiing to resort and the lifties have told me that everything below Ruinettes should be  rolling by the weekend.

Meanwhile we went up and had a look at Mont Fort which has been heavily bombed by the patrollers – who obviously thought the whole thing was unstable so set off the biggest slide I’ve ever seen up there. The crown wall at the top must be several feet high.

Apart from that, we nipped into Cabane Mont Fort which was great as usual, although so cold the water was freezing in the glasses after about ten minutes. Rather nippy up there…

The two massive fractures up at Mont Fort (one beneath the lift station and where the piste normally is on skier’s left of the lift – you might need to squint a little):



Lunch at Cabane Mont Fort was slightly reminiscent of feeding time at the zoo, but the Bec des Rosses (behind) looked great…