Haute Route training, or just walking the dog


So. I really didn’t have my eye on the ball when Caroline said that she wanted to do the Haute Route ski tour from Verbier to Zermatt.

I have done some ski touring in the past. I have also driven to Zermatt a couple of times and know how far away it is. So really what is the motivation of ‘a walk’ to Zermatt. Some say that is is the challenge, some say it is being off the beaten track, in the elements, away from everyone.

Well, the reality is that it’s just bloody hard work. It’s not walking it is walking uphill with skis, boots, rucksack, stuff in the rucksack etc etc. And just relentless walking..!

But I am committed now. I am doing it, on the 12th April. I am a geek, I am going to find a way of keeping you all updated on the progress. LIVE, somehow.

So today was the 1st day of training. (kind off). Who best to train me other than the faithful canine. Well, expectedly she is fitter, faster and far more apt than me and considering she is 49 in doggie years I am a little embarrassed.

Anyway, Medran – Ruinette in 1h 45m and still alive. Photo’s below of decent. Still not tired. Goddamit..!