Slush. Snow. Wind. Powder. Sun. Slush.


DSC01465Yesterday was a bit of weird one – from so windy and stormy that they shut the FuniSpace to perfectly still and sunny.

We set off in slushy snow and it was cloudy, then a storm really blew in and it dumped down with snow until midday, which was when Olly got stuck at the top of the FuniSpace with his clients as it had closed and the idea of skiing down in a blizzard and a white-out didn’t absolutely fill them with happiness. Fair enough.

By the time we’d finished lunch it had stopped there were about four inches of snow outside Carrrefoure, and by the time we got up to La Chaux the wind dropped and we found pockets of wind-blown powder on the piste up to ¬†foot deep.

(So all those instructors who though they’d magically been awarded Patantes simply because it had snowed didn’t actually need to go off-piste to get some decent turns for their clients – they just had to look…)

Then out came the sun and we spent about an hour thumping up and down the La Chaux Express until it shut. Brilliant.

And by the time we got to Chez Dany for a beer it was slush again.