It’s snowing in town and up top. Quite a lot, actually…


Well, just been up the hill and it’s clearly been snowing a lot more up at Lac des Vaux than it has down here. Which is lucky because there was a rumour doing the rounds last night that TeleVerbier are thinking about opening up there at the end of this month… Yup, that’s the weekend of the 31st.

Naturally, it’s a rumour. But it’s a good one. And given it’s pretty cold and they’ve already had the cannons going, not impossible.

Anyway, when I got back into Verbier it’d been snowing hard but not settling on the wet ground until about half an hour ago.

But if you’re very good we’ll put up the pictures of the snow at Lac des Vaux on Monday. And it’s looking very, very good indeed…