Yesterday was Ashley’s birthday. And if you don’t know Ashley, she’s of American extraction.

So what better possible way to celebrate her birthday than eating loads of barbecued food (thanks to Chef Ratty), and then setting fire to things in the woods?

Fitting. Inspired perhaps.

But as always with fire, the boys got carried away and after Tim and Antoine had searched out every fallen branch and tree within a 200 meter radius and chucked it on, we began to realise two things – they needed professional help to treat their pyromania, and also that fires that burn at the temperature of the sun incinerate your marshmallows.

And on top of that, Gareth also discovered if you get the fore hot enough you can melt beer bottles – you see, we are nothing if not scientific…

But anyway, if you like photos of fire then this is the blog post you’ve been waiting for.

So, a bit of a traffic jam into town is not uncommon, but this one was more interesting… It appears a Renault hatchback decided to explode and the firemen got stuck in. All rather dramatic and resulting in an above average bus ride home.

(Don’t worry – the family who were in it all got out fine and saved the contents of the car before it turned into an inferno).