So the La Chaux Express is running – minus the chairs sadly – and I decided it was fine time I went up ┬áto sit around drinking coffee in the sunshine. At Dahu to be precise.

And as usual it was completely stunning up there, and after a chat with Danielle (the lovely lift who normally works on the magic carpet at Les Essertes) it seems that they’re putting the chairs back on the lift next weekend-ish. I only mention that because going up on chair lifts without skis is most disconcerting and therefore more fun. In my book at least.

Anyway, the guys at Dahu also said there’s the inauguration of the restaurant next Saturday from midday. I have absolutely no idea what it will involve, but I have a sneaking suspicion there will be drinks. So I’ll be there on the dot.


Ok it’s on the Verbier Medran roof but as per the rumors the Bruson telecabine has been ordered. Although the rumors also say it’s not going to be built by the winter.

Still, cool eh?



UPDATE: Building work confirmed

Televerbier have announced building work on the new lift starts October 2012… Click here for the video

Another update from Mike. And it seems that someone borrowed the keys to one of the trucks up the mountain and rolled it on Savoleyres. All the way down Savoleyres apparently – a front flip that lasted about 300m…

Well, on the advice of Mike, Tobes an I nipped up to Ruinettes to see exactly what Mike, Televerbier and the massive double prop helicopter that’s been hovering over Verbier were up to.

Well, a lot. And very quickly. Because since 7.30 this morning they’ve put up absolutely loads of pylons, and all the running gear. The top station is looking like all it needs is a cable, some lifts and a bit of snow.

The pylons look ready to plonk that cable and some seats on and start rolling.

The bottom? Not so much…

Yeah, there’s some work to do down at the start, but it’s the big bit where they’ve been pouring concrete and building a pretty heavy duty installation. But that’s enough typing, because we have pictures of helicopters and that’s why you came here.

Plus a video. And if it sounds ‘a bit windy’ that’s because it is. Very. Try 100kph coming off those rotors…

Didn’t seem to bother the livestock though.

Things are happening up on the mountain and it seems to involve helicopters a lot. Brilliant.

Yup, Mike’s up there and destroying the old two man lifts (Combe and Mayentzet) and he’s sent us the evidence…