Yes, after a couple of season’s of being mocked, humiliated and generally suffering some heavy gloating, Performance cruised into an unassailable two nil lead last night in the annual Performance v Powder Extreme Bowling Challenge.

We were, though I do say so myself, sublime.

Many commented that the Swedish Bowling Machine, Jimmy, wasn’t actually a member of the team. Well, he is in spirit he just doesn’t work for us. So we discounted his (massive) scores and still won by a country mile.

Well done Performance. You were epic.

Last summer Toby found a brilliant new toy on the internet. A remote control helicopter. Well “quadrocopter”. And you control it from your iPhone. Which is a pretty cool way to fly anything really.

So naturally we saw this as a valuable addition to the ski school and got one. Sadly as it’s been a busy winter Toby hasn’t had the time to practice flying it much, so after he and Caroline organised an epic barbecue Tobes decided to show off his skills. They were slightly lacking.

As another weather report slides by without a single mention of the word “epic”, we wanted you to be up to date on the latest from Verbier. And it’s late because somebody forgot to do one on Monday…

But after the Adventure Skiing video we also did a weather report Рyou see we wanted to simply bowl you over with another video of our spring skiing antics.

We hope you enjoy it. We did. Oh and there are a few more photos on our Facebook Page. You should ‘like’ it you know – terribly informative…



Today was the day we’d been waiting for and Kent delivered in time-honoured style, taking myself, Martin, Chris, Louise and Will off for a bit of exploring. And it was amazing…




Yes, Kent’s long threatened day skiing with the Grinning Swede arrives today and we’ve just been skiing epic spring snow over on Mash. If you want to know where exactly you’ll just have to book Kent fit the day as he’s sworn us to secrecy.

(I however am open to bribes…).

Olly has always hard a few issues. Monoboarding being one. And we’re very proud he’s ready to tell the world…