I know, it’s still August – well, until tomorrow. But I’ve just looked at the webcams and it’s been snowing up top. Which seems good with Autumn about to take over for a bit. Perhaps we’re in for a big winter though – could it be a sign…? (I know. Probably not. But it’s still cool).

Verbier snow report

The snow up at Mont Fort

Is that a dusting on the roof at Attelas? I think it is…


Snow update by Verbier Ski Instructor


Yup, we all went to the T-Bar terrace last night for the annual Dearlove and Mackenzie spring barbecue – which was brilliant by the way – and guess what? That’s right, spring immediately went away and winter came charging back. So Verbier is waking up to this right now.

And the rumour is it’s going to be here for a while

Welcome to this week’s weather report, and we have to dash your hopes as this week we’ve only got Guy to act like Michael Fish.

But we also have tons of sunshine, tons of snow and tons of love for the spring conditions. Enjoy…

(And we’re especially proud of the arty shot of the goggles. Inspired.)

Yes, we have bullied actor, legend and all round top bloke Jason Flemyng to do the weather report for us. He was up at Carrefour, we were up at Carrefour, one thing led to another and he put’s in a rather fine performance I think you’ll agree.

The weather report is a well known springboard to greatness so we’re going to have our people talk to his people…

even bigger news than us getting all star struck that we had 20cm of fresh snow last night and it’s cold again. So when Guy said “it’ll stay sunny for weeks” he was being a fool.

So tomorrow sun’s back out and if you’re lucky we’ll have a raft of photos for you… We can’t promise any celebrities though.

As another weather report slides by without a single mention of the word “epic”, we wanted you to be up to date on the latest from Verbier. And it’s late because somebody forgot to do one on Monday…

But after the Adventure Skiing video we also did a weather report Рyou see we wanted to simply bowl you over with another video of our spring skiing antics.

We hope you enjoy it. We did. Oh and there are a few more photos on our Facebook Page. You should ‘like’ it you know – terribly informative…




Yes, Kent’s long threatened day skiing with the Grinning Swede arrives today and we’ve just been skiing epic spring snow over on Mash. If you want to know where exactly you’ll just have to book Kent fit the day as he’s sworn us to secrecy.

(I however am open to bribes…).