Telemark skiing. Brilliant. Wobbly but brilliant.



Yup, after spending two season banging on about how good he was, and after I spent the same amount of time saying I was going Telemarking but never actually getting up there, Toby and I headed up for a wobble about.

I’m actually gutted to say Mallock ia actually rather talented, but I feel I put up a good attempt considering I’ve only telemarked twice, for about an hour or so each time, eight years ago…

Anyway, it looked like this (and yes the video is exceptionally fuzzy, but take it up with Sony Ericsson…).

Meanwhile it was absolutely boiling up there – possibly not the best conditions for me to hurl myself into the slush on skis that frankly look more than a little bit faulty by alpine skiing standards.

But despite the slush, sweat and sunburn I have to admit why all those slightly hippy telemark obsessed Scandinavians bang on about it so much and forsake a decent heel binding…