Jeanne Perez

QUALIFICATIONS: BASI 2 + BASI 3 Tech + Mountain Safety

A bit about Jeanne:

Originally from the French Alps, I decided to move to the Swiss Alps for the winter. As a huge mountain enthusiast, I started skiing at the age of 3, thanks to my snowboarding parents. Luckily, when I was younger, I attended a school close to the mountains, allowing me to ski during weekdays.


Over the past two seasons, I achieved my Basi Level 2, and completed my ISIA technical and mountain safety exams.

I’m patient, understand my students’ individual needs, and genuinely enjoy sharing my passion with clients.


During the summer, I’m into watersports, particularly kitesurfing, exploring various locations around the world but I also work for sports events related to skateboarding, surfing and skiing. I also work at sports events related to skateboarding, surfing, and skiing.