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Lucy Peacock

AGE: 25
QUALIFICATIONS: BASI Level 2, Level 3 Teach & Tech

A bit about Lucy:

Lucy was born in Cheshire and began skiing around after her parents on plastic skis aged 3. She grew up skiing every winter in Champagny-en-Vanoise where her family have a holiday home.

Having been interested in sports from a young age, she obtained her first ski instructing qualification at 16 and went on to complete a degree in Sports Science. After graduation she decided she wanted to make a career of ski instructing and spent her first winter season teaching in Kiroro, Japan. She loved the country so much she decided to stay for the summer and took a job working in a nearby petting zoo. Keen to understand as much of the culture and language as possible, Lucy developed a particular specialism in Japanese animal names……You have to ask her – we still don’t understand what she is saying….

She has since spent the last few winter seasons in France and Italy before deciding to settle in Verbier.

When she’s not skiing, Lucy swaps the poles for the paddles and has spent several enjoyable summers as a canoeing/kayaking coach, guiding clients down the Ardéche River in southern France.