Paula Satillán

NATIONALITY: Argentinian

A bit about Paula:

I was born in the enchanting town of San Martin de Los Andes, nestled in the embrace of North Patagonia, Argentina. This picturesque town is surrounded by the beauty of the Andes mountains, and the nearby ski resort of Chapelco, known for the panoramic views of Lanín Volcano and Lake Lácar.
My father was the doctor in charge of the medical center at Chapelco and my mother was a ski instructor in the kindergarten. Having parents involved in mountain-related professions led me to early exposure to snow. So, from age 2 I was already on skis playing and surrounded by nature, leading to my passion for outdoor sports.
I combine this passion with practices like yoga and dance therapy, seeking a balance between physical activity and mindfulness. I’ve found a way to integrate my love for the outdoors with holistic well-being.
My love for skiing and the willingness to explore diverse landscapes and cultures, made me chase winters across different parts of the world, from the United States to Patagonia and now Switzerland.
I feel so grateful for sharing my passion and joy for skiing with guests from around the world – it’s a beautiful way to connect with people and spread the love for the sport.