Toby Mallock

QUALIFICATIONS: Swiss Brevet Federal, CSIA 3, BASI ISIA, NZSIA 1, BASI Telemark

A bit about Toby:

After trying out the office career in London Toby first arrived in Verbier in 2002 with the goal to have a life style change and teach skiing full time.

You could say he has managed to achieve just that after setting up Performance and making the move to the mountain permanent.

He now lives down the valley (Le Chable) with his wife Caroline and their son Caspar daughter Tilly who we are all sure will grow up to be great skiers.

Growing up ski racing all over the alps with his dad as his coach he initially trained in New Zealand to become a ski instructor, but switched over to the Canadian system. He is very curious, so he has also trained in the British system to find out how their approach to skiing is different from the other countries. Finally managing to attain the Swiss full certification for good measure.

In the summers he pretends to be a road biker, which pretty much takes him from lunch spot to lunch spot!