A bit more Bruson lift news…


Verbier Le Chable Bruson lift

If you’re not an obsessive social media monkey (and that’s no bad thing) you might have missed our little (badly edited) video yesterday on Vine so here it is again. You lucky things…

But the news is the work is continuing a lot quicker than the Mayentzet chair did the other year, so we’re hopeful it’ll be up and running to get us over from Verbier to Bruson in record time.

Now we know that many locals bemoan the fact that Verbier’s favourite secret spot will be inundated with humans but we think it’s still going to be a brilliant place to escape the crowds and hopefully will keep all the character that made it so unique. And if you’re asking, then yes – we think creaking chair lifts, t-bars and button lifts mean character.


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