A day skiing Bruson, more snow and pretty pictures


It’s Friday, so we thought you’d like a little escapism…

So after everyone banging on about how good the snow is in Bruson Lucas and I went to check. And you know what? It’s epic up there. Not only stunning views and a nice new bubble lift, but the snow is really amazing. REALLY amazing

Not enough? Well it’s going to snow tomorrow again. Not loads but enough to make everything pretty and to make sure the pistes are still in good nick.

Meanwhile, enjoy the six stunning landscapes below (and the one of not very many people at the top of the chair lift) and we’ll let you know what happens soon…

Bruson trip | Rush hour in Bruson

Bruson trip | Six Blancs 740

Bruson trip | Otanes Itinerary

Bruson trip | Rather steep pistes

Bruson trip | View of Champex Lac

Bruson trip | Views of Verbier

Bruson trip | Views towards Sembrancher

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