Bowling against Powder Extreme nearly goes well…


Yes, it’s time to tell you that sad, sad story of our annual bowling competition with Powder Extreme.

But before we get all melodramatic and depressed, we should remember that the “Powder Extreme Trophy of Bowling” (a trophy that makes the Calcutta Cup look like a tin pot) has been in the Performance trophy cabinet for two years.

A fixture.

And before that it only ended up with Powder Extreme after a questionable last minute shift in the rules that Felix suggested when were, perhaps, slightly vulnerable / inebriated.

Still, our rich history of winning by accident and without taking it too seriously was turned on it’s head as Powder Extreme rocked up in fancy dress and stole our tactical masterstroke of drinking more than the opposition. A tactic which has always served us well.

And despite taking them to the cleaners in the first set they promptly destroyed us in the second set, and then edged us by seven or ten points (depending on show was counting) in the decider.

But we will give them their moment in the limelight, because next season that trophy is coming home…

Special mentions go to Hanna for turning from debutant into strike-rolling-expert, Jo-in-the-office for outplaying most of us despite having a broken knee, and to Olly for, well, being a bowling machine.

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