Cold in town, cannons on, and the Norwegians say snow is coming.


Yes, finally starting to feel like winter. And despite the sun this morning the temperatures have definitely plunged. So much in fact they’ve had the snow cannons on up at Lac de Vaux for (we think) the first time this winter. I say winter, but it’s really only been Autumn so far…

To see if they’re on or off (they switch them off when the sun gets on them) you can check the webcams here. The Mont Fort webcam is particularly splendid.

But the really good news today is that the Norwegians say snow next week. And I trust the  mighty – almost as much as Kent does.

Anyway, this is what they say. You’ll notice there are lots of subzero temperatures, but if you can exepnd the energy scrolling down to the bottom, you’ll get cheered up.

Now, everyone, please cross your fingers and think happy thoughts…

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