Cold? Sort it out, layer up!


Before heading to the slopes make sure you check the snow reports. There are many ‘apps’ you can get on your smart phones like ‘‘ a Scandinavian weather report system or you can use on the Internet for a detailed broadcast of the weather of your desired holiday week. Although these reports tend to be very accurate it’s a good idea to make sure you check everyday whilst taking into account how active you will be, when making a decision on what to wear!

When it comes to layering your clothes we start with the base layer! This is important, you need a tight fitting garment with moisture transfer properties such as wool, silk, polyester. The brand us performance instructors love though is Dhu performance cashmere! They provide products for both activity and warmth. As a natural wool, cashmere is hydrophobic (can repel water), flame resistant and can absorb UV radiation –  an insulation layer that provides warmth in cold conditions but can also keep you cool in warmer conditions! This will provide some more insulation. The best thing about these materials is that they will keep moisture away from the body even when you are working hard and sweating!

Next up is your mid-layer. Choose something a bit looser fitting, with either a fleece, wool or synthetic fiber for insulation.

Lastly your outer-layer should be a material which allows moisture to escape but also be waterproof and windproof garment such as Gore-tex. Its also a great idea to make sure this has vents which you can unzip to allow the moisture to escape more easily!

Now chuck your skis on and have a safe, warm enjoyable day 🙂 Caroline

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