The days of wearing the same old ski socks that by the end of your ski holiday need to be put in a special odour containing bag that doesn’t contaminate the rest of your “dirty’ clothes is now as important as what base layer you decide to wear.

Here, we look at the importance of the ski sock. The humble ski sock has seen significant advances in scientifitic and technological development over the last few years, so much so that we can now write about how important they are from both a performance and comfort point of view. From specialised racing socks, to thin socks, to thick socks, to ski touring socks, the choice can be confusing so here is a brief overview to try and simplify it for you.

The function of the ski sock starts with its fibres and the choice of natural fibres such as wool or silk. These natural fibres have properties that will regulate heat, manage the moisture and importantly be a comfortable fit. You can find ski socks that have a combination of synthetic and natural fibres as well.

Compression Ski Socks
The CEP Compression ski socks are the Formula 1 of ski socks. They are made from premium merino wool, polyamide and high-tech spandex which when all combined, create a compression sock that offers stability for muscles and joints providing the skier optimum performance and recovery. The compression sock aids with circulation and therefore you get warmer feet, so you can focus all your energy into skiing longer and have better days on the mountain.

Merino Ski Socks
The properties of merino wool are well known for base layers but what about as ski socks? As you would imagine, a merino wool based ski sock regulates to your body’s temperature keeping your feet cool when it’s hot and hot when it’s cool. Being breathable, the socks also manage temperature and moisture providing you with warmth, support and performance on the mountains. Clever stuff indeed.

Heated Socks
Technology has even reached the sock department with temperature controlled socks at the touch of your phone with a specially designed smartphone app. Comfort and style at the press of a button. Just remember to charge the lithium ion batteries at the end of the day…
It is also worth considering having the correct fitting ski socks for your kids as they can suffer from cold feet just as much as you can.

If you need further information why not call into Surefoot and get some expert advice.


Anthony Walker

Ski instructor & Sock fanatic

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