Exchange rates are moving…


I tend to get the same question when I tell people I live in Switzerland.

“It’s expensive there, isn’t it?”.

Well, actually they ask lots of things, like “Aren’t you lucky?” and “Stop it – are you just gloating again?”. But a lot of them say something like that. Roughly speaking. It’s expensive.

And Switzerland has never been incredibly cheap – nobody has come back from this little place telling you that a pint of beer is about 10p and you can live like a king on the contents of the change you’ve found down the back of the sofa.

But generally it’s pretty normal. Prices are a bit less than London, a bit more than my home town in the Midlands.

The problem since the economic downturn has been that while the Pound and Euro fell, the Swiss Franc sky-rocketed. And it made everything here look a bit pricy.

But there is good news. Very good news in fact. News so good I’ve decided to put it in bigger text.

Very Good News…


The Swiss National Bank have been trying to bring down th Franc to help exports and tourism. And yesterday they did something that made the markets jump and added 8% to the value of Sterling in the space of about five minutes. And the result is this:

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