Fantastic conditions and pretty photo opportunities in Verbier


We have rather neglected you while the February half-term chaos was underway, but in fairness it wasn’t that crazy this year.

OK, it wasn’t quiet – but the impact of the structure of the international holidays (spread out for everyone except the British it seemed), plus the way Verbier is starting to allow easier access to different parts of the ski area (roll on the Savoleyres lift replacement), meant that the queues we saw at New Year weren’t really repeated – although there were certainly long waits at times…

Anyway, the holidays are over and Verbier is turning a little spring-like a little too early. This week has seen temperatures go right up and after the cold weather, snow and clouds that have been around for what seems like forever, it’s great to get some sunshine. Although the locals are deeply suspicious that this is a good month too soon to start thinking about spring skiing.

So here’s what it looks like right now up the mountain. Yes, these photos were sent down moments ago to Performance HQ by Sophie¬†while she’s up teaching the girls. Now you can’t say that this isn’t a blog that keeps you bang up to date…


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