Get fit for your ski holiday!


My top 5 tried and tested exercises to help the muscles and joints get fired up and ready for your ski holiday.

I like to perform these exercises in a HIIT form (High Intensity Interval Training) doing as many as I can in 30 seconds then resting for 30 seconds and repeating 4 to 5 times, you can do this with longer rest times if needed e.g. 30 seconds of work and 60 seconds of rest, or just repeating each exercise 5 times with good form.

Ski Jumps – Stand with feet hip-width apart, with arms in front of you, drop low in the hips, raise your right foot and bring it behind the left leg, take a wide jump to the right, land with the right leg in front and the left leg crossed behind it, repeat, jumping back and forth.
To make the exercise harder you can jump with a medicine ball or add in a single leg squat when you land.

Squat Jumps – Squat with feet shoulder-width apart, jump up, raising your hands up in the air, land softly in the squat and repeat.
To make the exercise harder land lower in your squat and hold for a few seconds before jumping again.

Plank walks – In the forearm plank position walk up on to your hands and the back down on to your forearms, keeping your core tight and making sure not to sway in the hips, repeat.
Any Plank variation exercises – Planks saws, Plank pikes, Spider planks, etc.

One leg squats – Standing on one foot, squat down as far as you can and slowly rise, ensure your kneecap is facing forward throughout the squat, a good way to check this is to look to see if it is tracked over your second toe, repeat.
To make this exercise harder, try doing it on a cushion/pillow or wobble board if you have one.

Triceps Push Ups & Push Ups – Place your hands just under your armpits, making sure core is tight and your back is straight, keeping elbows tucked in just brushing your ribs, push up and down, repeat. Doing the same move but have hands about shoulder width apart for push ups.

Kate McBride
Ski instructor & Fitness guru

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