Get to know our ski instructor Linnea Af Ekenstam



How did you end up in verbier?

I was in New Zealand working as a ski instructor and wanted another adventure. A friend of mine who already worked in Verbier suggested I applied for a job at Performance. And it was a great suggestion it turns out! 

What skis are you skiing on this season?

Head I Speed World Cup Rebels

Best thing you have ever done?

Went to school to become a ski instructor seven years ago (Yep, you can do that in Sweden). That’s has led me to have a lot of fun and do some very cool things.

What is your top teaching tip?

Focus on your downhill/outside ski, always stand on it. And don’t forget to have loads of fun when you ski.

If you have to pick one slope to ski for a whole day?

Piste de l’ours, it’s a long and wide run were you can go crazy fast if you have the run to yourself

Favourite restaurant?

On the mountain Le Dahu, best pizzas around and in town Le Caveau were you can have a great fondue.

Best place for drinks?

I like to go to the Pub Mont Fort for a couple of drinks after skiing and then head down to vina bagnes where they have a great selection of wine both on glass and bottle.

One thing you cant miss when in Verbier?

Go paragliding! It’s an incredible experience were you get views you normally don’t get on the mountain.


Thank you Linnea, hope you have a great season!

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