It’s true. Verbier opens for skiing in July.


Verbier open in JulyI know we had the whole will-they-won’t-they thing going on in June – remember, after Toby posted a load of skiing videos following some serious late snow?

Well, if you didn’t read it, there was talk of opening the lifts between Attelas and Ruinette. Now it didn’t happen but it clearly got people into the idea of summer skiing in Verbier.

Then we saw (via the nice people at this got launched on Facebook:


We can ski at Mont-Fort this weekend!

The trail of the Mont-Fort will therefore open to spring skiing these Saturday and Sunday July 13 and 14. As we are on the Tortin glacier, runway will be tagged and bounded by ropes, for security reasons (crevices in off-piste!). The trail is steep and without bump will be opened when snow relaxes, around 10: 00. The track will be closed at 1 p.m., so skiers are sinking until the thighs! Note that the glacier skiing is not recommended to beginners and inexperienced skiers.

As promised early June, the price will be CHF 20.-, 4 valleys annual passes holders can enjoy free use of the ski pass.

This one-time reopening of summer skiing after a break of almost 25 years is to be regarded as a full-scale test of your interest for this kind of action made possible by the good collaboration with our partner Télénendaz, co-owner of the facilities of the Mont-Fort.

The access will be possible from le Châble, Verbier (Médran) and Siviez (Nendaz).

Very beautiful days in perspective!

It’s a bit crazy but I like it. (Apart from the fact I scheduled a knee operation this summer so I could be fighting fit for December. Oh the irony… I’ll try to get up on the crutches to have a look though).

But you have to note the bit that says that this…

is to be regarded as a full-scale test of your interest for this kind of action.

Which means if it’s popular they might do it more.

So please share the life out of this. Just click the buttons below or follow the Facebook links or do whatever social media jankery you can to make sure it’s not just a flash in the pan…

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