Kent Day is born.


Yes, we decided to celebrate everything retro (for a definition of what Retro really means see our previous analysis of Chamonix), and to celebrate we chose the medium of Kenta.

Now, in the bad old days a trip out with the boys in one-pieces would have been a rather messy day indeed, but as a responsible father of two we down-graded today’s activities to some mogul skiing, a sensible lunch at Cabane Mont Fort and a couple of glasses of wine. Dole Blanche, of course.

An apology…

OK, to make sure we could surprise Kent we needed a cover story. So we put a lesson in the planning for a Mr Kamprad. The man who started IKEA. To Kent this was like skiing with Royalty so he spent the preceding weeks telling his friends, family, people in the street, his wife’s family. He was a very excited little boy.

On top of that minor white lie, his beautiful wife Sterling and their children have just got back from a trip to the States to see her family, so we would be taking Kent away from his family duties and leaving Sterling with two little jet-lagged daughters.

So we want to apologise to Sterling for the deceit, and Mr Kamprad for spreading rumours he was on holiday in Verbier…

The result:

Was a rather amusing day, as we delicately explained to Kent that there was no booking: “No, Kent, there is no client. Honestly. I lied. You are going to lunch with us. No, Kent, Mr Kamprad is not coming to lunch….”


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