La Liste – A ski movie from a different angle


Of course we have all seen millions of ski movies. Over the years they have become part of our culture, they may even have been the motivation to make skiing a career! The likes of Glen Plake and Shane McConkey were the grandfathers of the ski movie, skiing peaks rarely climbed, let alone skied.

Now the ski movie is switching media to YouTube and Vimeo with riders like Candide Thovex kitted out with GoPros, doing incredible air time down single runs, popping off any available ridge or cliff and scaring the living daylights out of punters on the piste as they nonchalantly ski past.

It’s fair to say it’s more than impressive, watching what MSP and other production houses have to offer these days. But it’s refreshing when a new concept film is produced that just has a bit more of a story to it.

So the latest production from Timeline Missions under the direction of local Guido Perrini, La Liste, defiantly changes your perspective. Based around free skier Jeremy Heitz’s crazy challenge to ski fifteen 4,000 meter peaks in Switzerland in two ski season.

Yer so what no biggy right? Um, no…They all have an average slope of 50-55 degrees….Yer but they’ve all been skied before? Yep that is true, a fair amount of them by Sylvain Saudan, the crazy Frenchman in the 1960s. But he spent the whole day descending them with jump turns which, let’s face it, is the correct way to get down! Jeremy, simply GS turns the lot, hitting bone-splitting speeds of 70mph.

I can only say it sends shivers down your spine. This film is real, raw and staggeringly shot.


Click here for the full movie….Or take a look at the teaser below….

La Liste TEASER 1 from TimeLine Missions on Vimeo.

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