Martin Skiing in Zermatt? With Tom Jones? It’s not unusual…


OK, confession. Martin did go to Zermatt. And he did go with Anders. And he did go snowboarding (the Performance Disciplinary Panel is convening as I type). But he wasn’t with Tom Jones – he just saw someone who looked like Tom. And it meant we could have this hysterical headline.

But come on – winter is here. Really here. And we’re all getting very excited indeed. We’ve got Lac des Vaux open, we’ve got instructors off training (and messing about) on glaciers and generally the season is rumbling into action.

So enjoy the photos, check out the rest of the blog for all sorts of pre-season videos and pictures while you’re here. This one is excellent. And enjoy – it’s going to be a smashing winter. I can feel it.

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