Medran has been replaced with a big hole in the ground.


As you might (or perhaps might not) be aware, the Medran lift area in Verbier is getting a bit of a make-over. Well, the area around is being completely rebuilt and the lift station (possibly one of the ugliest lift buildings in the Four Valleys) itself is getting a facelift. The project is called Les Trois Rocs and will be a rather swanky and welcome addition to Verbier.

But only when it’s finished.

Because at the moment it’s nothing more than a rather scary collection of noisy construction equipment and mud where the parking used to be. So don’t expect any parking up at the lifts this year and do expect to be using busses a lot more if you used to nip up in the car – but don’t forget that (when it’s finished) it’ll be great. Just not yet…


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