Meet our ski instructor Elin Magnusson



How did you end up in Verbier?

I did a ski season in the North of Sweden in a lovely little town called Åre and I absolutely loved it. The only problem with Sweden is that its freezing cold in the winter so I almost couldn’t feel my feet for 5 months.

After running around on the flatlands of Gothenburg that summer i missed the mountains and some deep snow! So, when I got the opportunity to go to Verbier, it was a no brainer!

The plan was to stay for one season but on my first night in Verbier, my boss said: Welcome to Verbier, you are never going to leave. I didn’t believe him then, but he was right.

What skis are you skiing on this season?

Piste: Fischer Progressor F19 TI

Offpist: Atomic Century

What is the best thing you’ve ever done?

Scuba Diving! I have never been a fan of swimming in the ocean, because I have no control on what’s going on underneath me! But when I was traveling in Thailand for two months I worked up some courage and signed up for an open water scuba dive course.

The world under the surface is absolutely amazing and something really special, you really feel part of the elements and nowhere will you get that close to wild animals! I did 12 dives that trip and even went on to do the advanced course!

Your top teaching tip?

Have fun on your skis!

The mountain is a great playground! Put a smile on your face and enjoy the great views (and usually the sun!) If you are practicing your ski technique, then there are loads of tips to make you a better, stronger skier and the key is to not give up when you are practicing, nothing is impossible!

But skiing Is all about having fun, so relax, smile and ski!

Your favourite slope in the 4 valleys?

The slopes in Savoleyres is great if you want to do some big fast carving turns where you use the whole piste. The ques are shorter and the snow is usually great. It also offers some fun chopped up, easy access, safe off piste.

If you pick the restaurant?

Le Dahu! in La Chaux!

The view from the terrace is stunning and their pizza is the best in Verbier. In the evening you have to go to Aiseki Sushi! Its located in Tbar right by place central, which is a great place for some drinks and a sushi plate! I´ve never had better sushi anywhere in the world!

Best place for drinks?

After a full day of skiing I like to come down and have a glass of wine in the sun at Vinabagnes. The staff is great and the place have a good atmosphere. When the sun goes down we usually hit The Loft bar, its a great hang out with some nice music and drinks.

If you’re clients need to see or do only one thing while they are in Verbier what would it be according to you?

Take the Lift to the top of Mont Fort and enjoy the amazing view!

There is some fun bump skiing down after but don’t worry, if you don’t feel like skiing down or if you came up in shoes you just take the lift down again!

And don’t forget to have a cheese fondue with some great Swiss wine on the mountain!


Thank you Elin, have a great winter and we will see you on the terrace of Vinabagnes!


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