Not a blog with photos of the new Siviez lift. Sadly.


OK, the plan was to go to Siviez and see the new bubble lift being built. But, well, it was cold up there at the top of the Jumbo, and Dahu was closer and warm, and it sells really nice food.

So we quit.

And we went back to Dahu for lunch and we’ll go over to the new lift in Siviez soon.

But our expert in Nendaz, Ms Vantreen, informs us it’s a bubble and will replace the knackered old two-man chair and drag lift and will whisk you up to the top of┬áPlan du Fous. Good news indeed.

And we’ll go and have a look soon. Very soon. Promise.

Meanwhile the trip up to Gentiennes was very cool and La Chaux looks like something out of The Sound Of Music. Please don’t ask how I know…



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