Saas Fee. Very cold. Very pretty. Not very good menus.


We can officially ┬áconfirm winter has started. It’s always the same – you turn your back for ten minutes and when you look back all the lifts are open, there are all sorts of people hanging about town (who weren’t there ten minutes ago) and it’s freezing and snowing.

So I nipped over to Saas Fee for a couple of days and got back to find out that – without warning – winter had started in Verbier. But it wasn’t a wasted trip to Saas fee, because I discovered three vital things.

1. Saas Fee is the coldest place on earth on its day.

2. Saas Fee is very pretty and impressive – if you can stop shivering long enough to maintain focus on anything.

3. Saas Fee needs to talk to a design agency when it comes to creating posters to advertise their restaurants. Although they do have a certain ironic charm. Although I can’t recommend the lasagna.


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