Snow above Ruinettes and suddenly it feels like winter…


Finally. Yes, the first proper autumn snow fell last night and it settled all the way to just-above-Ruinettes. Which is plenty low enough for this time of year. On the webcams Lac Des Vaux looked all the better for a dusting – and that’s good news as we could be skiing up there in about 26 days. So keep your fingers crossed and someone remind Televerbier to switch the snow cannons on.

So it was a nice morning to stroll around Verbier and after a summer that didn’t know where to stop, it really feels like winter is coming… And because we’re very excited, you get some nice big photos. There’s even a dab of artistic lens flare. Don’t say we don’t look after you.

Verbier | First snow 1 wide

Verbier | First snow 2 wide

Verbier | First snow 3 wide

Verbier | First snow 4 wide

Verbier | First snow 5 wide

Verbier | First snow 6 wide

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