Snow. Again. And it’s getting lower…


I might have headed back for Toby’s wedding (which might or might not be a be an event you get to read about here on the blog. It really depends on the level of carnage and what Caroline says we can put online…). So I’m bringing you this from sunny Blighty.

But nearly as important as the impending nuptules of The Ginger Prince: it’s snowed again. Which means that winter is starting to raise it’s head again. OK, we’re still getting some toasty warm days but when the temperature dips we’re getting a dusting up top and it seems to be getting lower with each fall.

And as Facebook has been buzzing with the news we thought we should bring you a few pictures from the webcams (and remember, if you ever fancy checking out Verbier’s webcams, then check our Verbier webcam page. It’s quite good).

There isn’t any more predicted on the forecasts immediately (and if you like a good forecast you can find them all here) but if you cross your fingers and think happy thoughts we might be putting up more pictures very soon.



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