Snow up top and it’ll be dropping down to resort this afternoon…


So the snow is falling and it should be snowing right down to Le Chable by tomorrow morning.

Which means we can all restart the debate about whether or not it’s a good omen, if it’ll be a good winter, if we will be open by November, and of course should we expect anything of the sort?

We put something on Facebook the other day about the snow coming and whilst loads of people got excited, a few were pretty pragmatic. And you have to be.

Because what we get this time of year doesn’t dictate what kind of a winter we’ll get.

This time last year we had nothing – NOTHING – up there until that first weekend in December. And we all know what happened after that – we had an epic season.

That said, if you can’t start rumours, make exorbitant claims about the amount of snow we’ll get, and turn it into an obsessive conversation in the Pub Mont Fort (which opens on the 2nd November as it happens – Colin, mine’s a Guinness) then it’s no fun whatsoever.

So we’ll continue to drop phrases like “The One Hundred Year Storm” into conversation and generally tantalise everyone with rumours of patterns in the Atlantic deepwater “conveyor belt” system thingy bringing in storms.

As Oli pointed out, it’ always snows at this time of year. Bless him. So enjoy and keep checking the webcams – they’ve changed a bit and should work on iPhones and iPads now, although at he same time a few have stopped working completely, which is annoying…



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