Snowmageddon. Again.


After a lot of very worried talk in the papers and in resort the snow drought has ended. And in emphatic style. This really is the heaviest fall for along time and the roads up and down the valley have been impassable – the snow ploughs simply can’t clear them quick enough before more snow covers them up again.

Up the mountain the viability has been zero – but to be expected and an inconvenience we’re happy to tolerate… We are expecting almost everything to be open soon and with tis amount of snow Televerbier have plenty of the white stuff to make sure pistes low down (which were grass until three am this morning) are operational.

This winter certainly started late and Verbier – benefitting from altitude and excellent snowmaking facilities – has been host to people travelling from all over Switzerland and France who came as their own destinations were simply unable to open. (And we must admit to being a little smug seeing the visiting ski instructors studying piste maps and attempting to navigate round the resort that we call home. Bless them).

Of course, when it’s freezing and a complete white-out, the only sensible thing to do is pop in and say hi to Claude-Alain at Dahu…

So how much snow is there? Reports vary depending on altitude but looks like there could be accumulations of well over half a meter.

Happy belated Christmas!

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