Summer up high..!


We were on a mission to find a picnic area for some clients at the Lodge, the brief was to find an area near a lake but not normally accessible. Sounds easy you say. Well in actual fact it’s not as easy as it looks. The first problem is that you have to find some way of getting up high. Not all vehicles can make it due to the rugged road and snow residue.


Thanks to the kind people at Ski Armadillo we managed to borrow their Polaris off-road vehicle called Boris. As we climbed up from Ruinette we came across a pile of snow that stopped our progress completely. It wasn’t a complete waste of time as we trundled round to La Chaux where we found the perfect spot:

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the ride. We decided on the cheap way of walking Laika:

  1. Tobes,
    “a cheap way” of walking the dog?? I think a little typo here….the word you were looking for was – “lazy”…!! :o)

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